The New Year

by Thomas R. C. Norris  
from Thoughts of Life and Love

                   We thank you Lord for this brand new year;
                   The old has vanished, the new is here;
                   With You by our side, we have nothing to fear;
                   Enjoying each smile, overcoming each tear.

                   Our days are sometimes difficult to simply endure;
                   But no matter our hurt, We know You're the cure;
                   Our weakness is constant; but Your Mercy is sure;
                   Our nature is sinful, but Your Grace makes us pure.

                   May this be the best year that we've ever known;
                   May we harvest fruit from the seeds we have sown;
                   May we each discover that we have spiritually grown;
                   May Your sweet presence keep us from feeling alone.

                   And Lord, as we renew our commitment to You;
                   We ask that You take control of all we say and do;
                   And we pledge to do more than just sit in our pew;
                   By Your Amazing Grace we want lives are are new.