November 6, 2016

John 17:1-25  "High Priestly Prayer"

In the wonderful prayer of our Savior, Jesus Christ, He is praying for His church , followers.  In it He is praying for you and me.  Praying that while we live in this world we should remember this world is not our home and we should live as men and women of heaven.  To live a sanctified life, set apart as children of God to be His people in the world.  Peter in his short letter of 1Peter calls Christians "aliens and strangers in the the world".  That is exactly what we are.  We live in this world to show the Good News of Jesus Christ to those around us.  At the same time we are to live the new life which has much different goals than non-Christians.  Let this prayer encourage us to live a life pleasing to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.