January 8, 2017

Romans 15:14-16  "A Ministry Prayer"

I call this a ministry prayer but it is not a prayer.  What we have is Paul expressing his desire for Christians to see, as their responsibility, to be involved in the work of the church.  So if Paul were to put these desires in the form of a prayer, he wold be saying the same thing, asking God to show these Christians their calling as a Christian.  This then begs the question, "What is the calling of a Christian or on a church?"  Here Paul lets us know we are to instruct or teach.  This leads us to the area of ministry.  This is done within the church and outside the church.  He also says the Gospel is to be proclaimed.  So the church is to have as a goal, telling the Good News of Jesus.  Let the text help us to pray for our churches to be involved in missions and ministries in and outside the four walls of our buildings.