April 8, 2018

"Guard the Truth"  1 Timothy 6:20-21

As Paul brings this letter to a close, he brings one more important responsibility to the mind of Timothy.  As he does this for Timothy, he is also bringing this important truth to us.  He ends by saying " stay true and faithful to the truth of God, to the saving faith of the Gospel".  We are told to guard the truth.  Once again, he is letting us know it is so easy to get side tracked on t;hings that do not matter and to follow false teaching.  Paul in his last word in this letter reminds us to stay true to sound doctrine, the very truth that can and will change a person's life built upon the truth of God.  So you and I must be focused on standing on the Word of God that brought us salvation and can do the same to those who will listen to the Spirit of God as He speaks to their heart and mind.