March 19, 2017

1 Peter 2:4-10  "The Living Stone"

It seems that Peter liked to use the word living.  This is the third time he has used it.  He used it with have a living hope, then living word, and now the living stone.  So what does he mean by using the term---living stone?  Simply put he is talking about Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the Cornerstone that Isaiah spoke about and Peter quotes in verse 5.  When we look at Jesus we are looking at the Foundation of the church.  Christ's teaching is what our life is built on, that is if you are a Christian.  This concept is very important, for a Christian is not part of a dead religion but part of a relationship with a Living Savior.  Do you know this Living Lord?  Is He your Savior today?  If not, you can have Him as your own Savior.