May 7, 2017

1 Peter 3:18-22  "Jesus Brought Victory"

This section of Peter's letter lets us know that we serve a Lord who has brought victory for those who trust Him as Savior.  He also lets us know that Jesus brings victory to all areas of this universe.  In other words, what was ruined by sin is now a place where Jesus Christ can and will bring victory.  This is Good News for all of us, in that we now know that no pain or evil can win in our life.  There is no place where you and I cannot experience victory through Jesus. The area of life that is most important for us to have this victory, is in the area of salvation.   For in Christ, He did what we can and cannot do.  He paid for our redemption and now eternity is settled for us who have trusted Him.  My question to you is have you trusted Jesus so you can experience this victory He provided?