March 12, 2017

1 Peter 1:22-2:3  "The Living Word"

Last time we looked at the charge to be holy.  This week we will notice that a Christian has a new birth through the Loving Word of God.  The Word of God points out to us the sin in our life, the things that make our life unholy; sin that needs to be acknowledged and repented of and forsaken.  That Word also lets a person know that sin or sinful acts can and will be forgiven when confessed.  The last words of the text say we should crave the pure spiritual milk, he means the Word of God.  We as Christians should want to be fed the Word of God, crave it, desire it, have a passion to know and live the Word of God.  That Living Word will lead you to become a strong and mature Christian.  That by the way is God's desire for each of His children.