May 21, 2017

1 Peter 4:7-11  "The End Is Near'

Peter as all of the writers of the New Testament said, "The end was soon."  One thing is for sure, it is closer now than when Peter penned these words.  Christ will return someday, we do not know nor do we need to know when.  What we, who are Christians, need to know is that while we are on this earth, we are to be doing God's will and serving Him.  So in this text we find encouragement to serve our Lord.  Also this is warning to non-Christians to turn to Christ in faith so they can become a child of God.  The encouragement given here is to use the gifts and talents God gave us to serve our Savior so that His purpose in coming to this world will be fulfilled.  Let this message help you to serve Him more faithfully in the days ahead.