July 23, 2017

2 Peter 2:1-3  "False Teaching Exposed"

We are now given the fact that in the world where the truth of the Gospel is preached, you will find false teaching that tries to deceive people to believe "another gospel" as Paul would say.  In our message today, Peter lets us know you will always find counterfeits.  They will add to the gospel by saying you need works.  Or they say if you believe enough, or have enough faith, you will never get sick or have money problems.  Sound familiar?  Of course, you hear such on religious T.V. and in some of their religious meetings.  The Bible is clear here and in many other places that Satan comes as an angel of light so people will be deceived.  Let this message help you to see through the false teachers of our day.  The way to spot a false teacher is to know the Word of God, know that it is from God.  When you place what you hear from men and women against God's Word, these false teachers will be exposed by their own words.