August 6, 2017

2 Peter 2:10-17  "Brute Beasts"

Peter continues with his words of judgment on false teachers.  We can ask, why is Peter so outspoken about false teachers.  Since I like to keep things simple, we can find answers that are clear and come close to us today.  False teachers come to us by men and women who claim to be spokespersons for God and truth.  They are religious on religious TV.  They write religious books.  The problem is their teaching has errors in it that pervert the Gospel.  When that happens, the people who think they are getting right with God are only falling further and further away from God.  Because they believe a lie they also do not accept God's plan of salvation.  So Peter expresses to us a condemnation these false teachers will face when they meet the righteous Judge.  Let us find ourselves in God's Word so we can know truth and not be deceived by a false teacher.